Learn Filipino Martial Arts

In short, easy steps

Filipino Martial Arts (Kali, Escrima and Arnis) are both broad and deep and can seem complicated to learn, understand and master.

I get it.

I've been there too.

My training turned a corner when I found a teacher who explained everything in simple, bite sized steps, showed me how everything is connected, and, most importantly: 

 - how to arrange the martial art so it makes sense to me -

The thing is, this takes time, particularly learning through trial and error, and

I've come to realise we're all fighting the same enemy: Time.

Specifically, the lack of it.

There never seems to be enough time in the day for us to develop into the fighters, partners, parents and leaders we know we can be.

Sadly, we can't always create ideal circumstances to work on improving ourselves, and time waits for no man.

So really it comes down to:

Whatever we have, we had better Make. It. Count.

Fight Dad is my unique forum for sharing the systems I've designed to turn busy people in to fit, confident and capable humans using the powerful framework of Filipino Martial Arts.

Fight Dad is about learning confidence, mental fortitude, physical readiness, martial arts, and becoming part of a supportive online community, taking things in bite size chunks, according to your own schedule.

My name is Harry and I've been coaching martial arts and physical readiness for more than ten years.

I hold multiple black belts and am an award winning martial arts coach.

And I want to use all this knowledge to help YOU improve your life.

I create videos and courses that help anyone who wants improve themselves and learn Filipino Martial Arts, at home, in the gym, on their own, or with a friend.

Watch the video below for a sample of what you can get, and check out the courses available.

Take care and speak soon,

Harry Fight Dad Flexman

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